Without Saying a Word

For some reason, I was reminded today about the time I had to work on filing the claim for one of my dad’s life insurance policies.  It was one of those start-from-scratch moments where I didn’t know where to go, who to ask help from, or even where to begin.  The financial adviser in charge of my dad’s account had passed away years before he did, so I really had no clue and couldn’t make any sense of the folder of papers that I found in his filing cabinet.  I wasn’t even sure if there was anything left to claim, since the unopened letters from the company were mostly about unpaid principal amounts.  I’ve found that in such situations, the best place to start is good ol’ Google.


(image from: @AG_US twitter page)

With a short prayer and a huge sigh, I Googled the nearest branch of the insurance policy where I could inquire.  Turns out, there was a branch in Libis and I decided to bring all the possibly relevant papers there to ask about the policy.  I went there on a weekday, a little before lunch time and I was surprised to find an empty office space.  Puzzled, I looked around for someone to ask directions from.  A janitor approached me, pointed to another office and said that someone was expecting me.  I was even more confused but I went to that office anyway.

A man was sitting alone, working on his computer.  He looked up and said, “Hi, what can I do for you?” I told him I was there to inquire about a policy.  And he said, “Oh…I’m the manager of this office and our branch is actually not yet operational… I only came in today because I was supposed to meet with an investor.  But you know what? I don’t believe in coincidences.  The fact that you came in today, the only day that I had to come here, I think I’m meant to help you and so I will.  Here, have a seat and tell me your concerns.”

In my head, I was thanking God over and over.  I was smiling and a little tearful (but exerted full effort in holding it in, haha) when I recounted what happened over the past months to explain why I knew so little about the policy.  He gave me his full attention and was very sympathetic.  He even asked the person he was supposed to meet to wait a little while (yikes!), as he was advising me on what to do.  At the end of our conversation, he gave me his personal number and his secretary’s number, and told menot to hesitate to contact either of them if I had any difficulties with the requirements that I needed to come up with to file the claim.

I found his humble and helpful attitude a little curious, and what he said about not believing in coincidences reminded me of something I heard in church service one time.  When I got home, I looked him up on Facebook (a.k.a. person Google) and his profile was full of Bible quotes and Christian messages.  Kaya naman pala.  For me, it was a solid lesson on what it’s like to be a true follower of Christ.  He didn’t have to say anything but his attitude and actions spoke volumes of his faith.


james 1-27

(image from: standingbeside.com/meet-dan-and-tina)

More importantly, he didn’t know that I am a Christian too.  He didn’t help me out just because he felt some sort of obligation or kinship that some of us Christians might operate under.  His attitude and walk of faith is one that would draw in Christians and unbelievers alike.  I hope to grow more and be like him, choosing to serve everyone freely through Christ and maintaining the same humility that Jesus demonstrated. I want God’s love to be evident in how I relate to people without having to say a word.  I definitely have a LONG way to go, but everything starts with setting your heart on your goal.